The Messiah Prison Ministry – Giving Hope for a Better Future

Messiah Church works closely with a number of prisons in the greater London area bringing hope, support and love to those who have been incarcerated. We believe that everyone should be valued and treated like a child of God, despite what society may have labelled them as.

Chaplaincy Team

We work inside a prison alongside the Chaplaincy team and regularly teach and preach the word of God giving hope for a better future, forgiveness of others. We also let prisoners know that they have a God given purpose and we keep in touch with many released prisoners once they are allowed back into the community.


We not only work with the prisoners but we support their families as well. The families of convicts also go through depressing and dark times as well as worrying for the safety of their loved ones at times. We support the children of inmates and make sure that they have the correct support from an educational and pastoral point of view. We welcome them to our Church and into our community with open arms and provide them with a strong support system. Additionally, we pay regular visits on behalf of inmate’s family who for one reason or the other cannot go into the prisons and feedback to them.

Prison Prayer Group

We meet regularly to pray for the needs within a specific prison. We cannot emphasize the importance of this role and know that many areas of the prison work is perfected because of this bedrock of prayer support.

Support us

Your gift to our ministries equips Messiah Church with the resources—including personnel, materials, supporting services, buildings, and equipment—to fulfil our mission of relief and evangelism in the UK and worldwide.